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Just my truth
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A bit about me:

My name is Bo, and you pronounce that as a French "beau", and not like "bow", like my English teacher does! I'm 15 now, and I live in Belgium. I'm not popular, cool, pretty or anything like that... But I'm here for you, so feel free to ask me anything! (I actually really hope you do!)

But I would like to ask you something too: HOW ARE YOU? Don't worry, I asked it 'cause I care, not 'cause I'm curious. Don't tell me you're fine. 'cause when you really are fine, fine is not the answer.

My blog contains spoilers, so don't blame me: I warned you!

We'll never forget Cory

Disclaimer: Pictures on the page "my creations" were created by me. Other stuff comes from we heart it, and I don't claim credit for those pictures. If you think that they're yours, please don't freak out about it to e, I wasn't the one who posted them to we heart it. We heart it checks copyrights of every picture posted to the site, if you created the image, but haven't got copyrights for it, they can leave it on the site, and I'm free to use it.

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